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(Fall 2011)

Greetings Atlanta Seattle Study Club Members;

Another summer is almost behind us, and what a hot one it has been.  We are presently finalizing everything for the upcoming study club year.  You should have received a schedule for the year several months ago.  We have also sent out to every member an evaluation form for the past year and an invitation for comments, suggestions and potential new members as well.  As of this time about 1/3 of our membership has completed the evaluation forms and have returned them.  Their comments and suggestions were really appreciated and will be used this year and for future programs.   Based on some comments, we will be adding an additional day program at the end of the year that is geared for both doctors and staff.  This program will be developed around the future utilization of social media and electronic media in the branding, marketing and running of your practice.  There will also be a component for the doctors relative to protecting your practice from various types of malpractice and criminal litigation, which becomes more prevalent during stressful economic times.   Also, not on the present schedule is another “Tech Night” that will be likely held in December.  As you can see, we have a very full year!

The kick-off dinner is scheduled for Tuesday,  September 13th 2011 at the Century Center Marriott Hotel.   This event is open for doctors and spouses and will include a discussion and forum with Kate Willeford and Carol Paige.  The topics they will explore are relative to how practices are faring in this new economic crisis.  The subject matter that I have asked them to address is, “where we are, where we are going and how do position ourselves to thrive in this challenging environment?”

We will be welcoming several new members into the club for next year.  I am sure you will find that these new members will add fresh perspective to our meetings and I look forward to their participation.  Because of the logistics of planning each meeting I am going to need a final head count for all our returning members.  Please contact Kristin or myself as soon as possible verifying your intent on continuing your membership for next year (or not if you are not planning to return).    Based on this final membership count, I will be making smaller study groups to facilitate our treatment planning sessions.  Also, if you do not have a schedule for next year, please let me know and I will get one to you.

Looking forward to seeing you in September!


Enjoy the last days of summer,





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